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Friends and associates

Dear Brothers / Sisters,

I've just returned from Guyana, South America. My seventh trip since I was detained on trumped up charges of being a terrorist and a drug runner on May 19, 2011. It is obvious to me now that the Guyanese Government under the leadership of Donald Ramotar, refuses to acknowledge or take steps to resolve a wrong that has been done. Brother Phillip Simon Muhammad, a Guyanese citizen living in Canada was arrested with me and has not been able to visit his family in America. Due to his arrest in Guyana, he is considered “persona non grata” in the United States and is harassed every time he travels to Guyana by the Caribbean authorities. 

When I was arrested, the former President Bharrat Jagdeo had a conversation with Minister Farrakhan who stated that, "The charges against Akbar Muhammad is as far away from his character as the planet Pluto." I was released from jail but I'm still in a prison of slander.

Over the years I have hesitated to talk about what many Guyanese were saying to me consistently and continuously, that the ruling Indian dominated party is racist, and has a history of mistreating black citizens. After my arrest, an Indian citizen was wrongly and falsely accused of a crime and within four months was compensated for the miscarriage of justice he experienced from the Guyanese police department. The government took care of a misstep with one of their own while my attorney and I continue to chase after them to settle my case. 

Given what you know of my character and work for the Nation of Islam, I am asking for your support in the form of a letter writing campaign.  Please send a letter directly to Guyana President Donald Ramator, to let him know that it is wrong to sweep my case under the rug and continue business as usual - mistreating, mishandling and disrespecting black people. Perhaps when the Guyanese people go to the polls on May 11 to elect a new President, they will express their dissatisfaction with the mistreatment of their black population.

Guyana is a rich and beautiful country. It has tremendous potential with untapped resources: gold, diamonds, bauxite and oil. It is criminal to see it slide back into racist practices that began with the former colonial masters.

Please sign the enclosed petition addressed to the President of Guyana. Feel free to amend the letter according to your knowledge of my work for the Nation of Islam or your knowledge of the growing racism that exists in the Guyanese government between the Indian and Black community. 

I welcome your email or calls if you have questions or suggestions. Thank you.

Your brother and friend,
Akbar Muhammad

His Excellency President Donald Ramotar,

I am a friend /associate of Mr. Akbar Muhammad. I am aware of his arrest and unlawful detainment in Georgetown, Guyana on May 19, 2011. Many people in support of Mr. Muhammad wrote letters to the former President Bharrat Jagdeo.  After receiving thousand of letters, your past President stated publicly that he would never apologize to Akbar Muhammad. I hope that you are not taking the same position. 

Given the nature of his work on behalf of Minster Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, Akbar Muhammad has friends around the world. I am certain that he will inform them of what's happening in your country and with your government. I feel that you should take this opportunity to do the right thing and resolve his case judiciously.

I understand that to this date the Guyana government has refused to apologize and settle with Mr. Muhammad on his appeal for just compensation. This is a shameful situation!

There is much talk in the American community of the racism against the black people of Guyana from the Indian dominated government. I would hope that this is not the reason for your mistreatment of our brother and friend. I hope that you are the kind of leader who is concerned about your reputation worldwide. I am hopeful that you will resolve this issue as soon as possible. All we ever seek is peace, justice and equality.


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