The University of Texas at Austin
United States of America

After we mailed the Petition to remove the Communist Vietnam flag on UT Web site, on March 29. 2011, UT removed it and replaced it with the Map of Vietnam.

This letter is to express our gratitude to UT officials, and also request them to considerer hiring a Vietnamese American to teach Vietnamese Language at UT.

Concerned Citizens to:
The President of The University of Texas at Austin
Center for Asian Studies
The Texas Language Center

Subject: Letter of Appreciation

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are am deeply thankful for your consideration and quick response to our petition to remove the Communist Vietnam flag on the UT Webpage.
Your quick response reflects the good nature of our democracy where the voice of citizens are heard and taken into serious consideration.

We are unable to attend the meeting you set up with our Vietnamese Community leaders, but we wish both sides will have better mutual understanding in this sophisticated issue.

We still have one more goal. That is the replacement of the instructor from Communist Vietnam by a good one from our community.

Although the Vietnam War ended 36 years ago, the Communists never give up their dream to infiltrate into our overseas Vietnamese community to take control. One of the goals in their Resolution 36 is to influence our younger generations in order to use them for their political agenda.

Most of us have years living in Communist Vietnam after 1975. We are now well aware of Communists' malicious tactics in gradually and effectively infiltration into our community.

Today, a communist cadre disguised as teacher, singer… shows up as harmless person to build their reputation and trust. Tomorrow, he will begin to inject the poison of their ideology. He may not talk about politics, but he makes people to have sympathy to his environment to pave the road to their propaganda.

There are many Vietnamese Americans in Austin who are qualified for the teaching job. They don’t need high pay or the academic title. They just want to take good care of our young folks.

Again, we would like to express our gratefulness to the UT officials for the righteous act.

Yours Respectfully
The Undersigned
March 30, 2011

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