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Ref: Tim Tingle, author, was accused on patting two women on the head, and patting one on the knee in which he was explaining his work to them at a book conference. His publisher dropped him immediately on the word of two strangers he was talking to. This seems a rush to judgement, hence the petition to show support for a beloved children's author.

Scholastic Imprint
Author A. Levine Books


Ref: Tim Tingle, An Open Letter of Support. Please sign.

Dear Scholastic Imprint:
We, the undersigned, are writing in support of Tim Tingle, an author some of us have known for decades, others of us have come to know via his important body of work and stellar reputation (especially within Native American communities). We know he is a person of great integrity and generosity, someone who never intended to do any harm or inappropriately touch anyone. In fact the two booksellers in question do not allege he sexually harassed them, rather that he patted them on the head, or the hands, or knee. This is not sexual harassment; this is more a reflection of regional differences, Tim being an elder from the South who is used to warm gestures. There is no need for this misunderstanding to destroy a writer’s relationship with his press, a writer’s reputation. Further, Tim Tingle (Choctaw) is a well-respected Native author, honored by tribes, individuals, and the general public. We know him. We support him.
He would never intentionally harm anyone. Tim Tingle has mentored many other Native writers over the years and has good standing in the Native communities in which he has worked. He is a vital presence on our literary scene and by harming his career and reputation, you are also bringing harm to our communities.
It is understandable that in this time of the #MeToo movement people are hypersensitive and hyperaware of personal space. Sexual harassment is a serious problem that we do not mean to diminish. But this is not a case that fits within those parameters. He has not participated in sexual harassment, nor has he been accused of such. Knowing Tim Tingle as we do, he did not intend ill-treatment. Rather he offered the casual gestures of friendship based on Southern etiquette.

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