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Over the past decade, pressure from a small group of people has led to ever more onerous restrictions on the use of Plymouth's Long Beach.

Every year access to the beach has been reduced in both number of vehicles allowed and length of time the drive-on beach is open during the year all without any true representation of or input from the majority of Plymouth residents.

We have complied with every restriction, and the fact that the "threatened" bird population has increased each year shows that our responsible adherence to the current management plan is working. Despite this success, pressure is still being put on agencies to further restrict access.

We submit that the current management plan works as it stands, and the residents of Plymouth and their children should be able to continue to enjoy Long Beach.

We the undersigned want those who are deciding the rules, regulations, bylaws, and laws regarding the usage of Long Beach in Plymouth, MA (otherwise known as the point or the crossover) to know we want a voice in such matters.

We want to show our opposition to those who wish to limit or ban all human activity on our beach. We strongly oppose such measures and wish to be considered as voicing opposition to all suggestions and demands that will further limit our access to our beach. It is our right as voters and residents of the town of Plymouth and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to be involved in and made aware of changes in such laws as pertain to us.

We believe in the process of our government as it is formed to serve the people who vote its officers into their positions. We also pay the taxes that help it run efficiently with the hopes it will also be run ethically.

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