Senator John McCain, Senator Jeff Flake
United States of America

The Senate Tax Plan is bad for the middle-class.. Under the current version of the plan:

• The richest 5% of Arizonans will see the largest share of the tax cuts, and by 2027 the largest share of tax increases will hit households making less than $83,220.

• In fact, by 2027 almost half of households making $51,880 will see a tax increase!

• The plan will repeal the Affordable Care Act individual mandate resulting in premium increases of as much as 10 percent and 13 million people losing coverage.

• And when all the dust has settled from the tax increases on the middle-class and attacks on healthcare coverage, the national deficit will have exploded by $1.5 trillion!

This is not tax reform. This is welfare for the wealthy. It flies in the face of the Arizona spirit of treating every hard-working person fairly and giving them a chance to succeed.

"We, the undersigned, respectfully ask Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake to oppose any tax plan that doesn't primarily benefit middle and lower-income households, includes any provisions unrelated to tax policy, and drives up the national deficit."

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