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Current plans to improve many levees in the Mississippi River watershed will actually cause some communities to be at greater risk to flooding.

Piece-by-piece levee programs have created a situation where protecting some communities requires flooding others.

As residents of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri, we ask our federal legislators to recognize the costly impact of raising some levees in the Mississippi River watershed while not raising other levees.

The costly impact includes greater flood risk upon livestock, homes, farms and businesses. Protecting some communities should not jeopardize the lives in other communities.

If all levees are not improved, we prefer that none be improved. We ask state agencies, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and our U.S. senators and representatives to stop present plans to improve levees.

Furthermore, we ask that they develop a levee plan that considers the cumulative impact to all land in the Mississippi River watershed before implementing any plans.

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