Dion Chen-Principal of Yhkcc
Hong Kong

At YHKCC, we as a school have made many positive changes possible over the years that benefit the teachers, staff and, students alike. Students are told to wear the proper uniform by disciplinary staff almost every day, which leads to an almost perfect uniform for both genders of students.

Recently, the entire student body has been excellent in wearing and maintaining the correct uniform leading to an almost perfect uniform through all year groups. Instead of leaving this situation be, teachers have been told to be extra vigilant and look out for any hints of incorrect uniform in students. For girls, this happens to be in the length of socks.

Girls caught with “incorrect” socks are forced to wait in the general office for hours at a time, missing precious lesson time where they could be bettering their knowledge on subjects that they will be tested on in the future. They are also turned away at the front gates before school has even started, and sent home for showing a mere inch of skin. This may cause some people to think that YHKCC is preventing the female student body the right to an education, shaming girls for showing their ankles and blaming them for “distracting” the male students and teachers of this association.

Disciplinary and teaching staff are told to regularly enforce this petty rule, taking away the time and effort they could be using towards other, more academically enhancing activities such as lesson preparations or extra classes. This is a waste of resources which reflects poorly on YHKCC, showing not only the student body that sock length is prioritized over academics but the teaching staff that their time and effort should be spent on nitpicking a few students about their bare ankles.

Dear Dion Chen,

We, the students of Ymca, both the female and male body of the school feel it unnecessary for the above the ankle rule. You are stopping girls from getting to their classes,making them lose essential lessons learnt during school and are just making them waste their time because you feel that showing their ankles is 'distracting.'

We hope you take this into serious consideration as our education is very important and nothing should threaten us from it,especially something as minor as the showing of ankles. The school should be using its resources to enhance our learning rather than hinder it over the unnoticeable extra skin.

We have our parents backing us up we sincerely hope we can find some sort of agreement, both keeping in mind and regard to the school rules and the importance of education and gender equality.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
-Your loving student, (your name)

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