AWOGANS, friends and concerned Citizens of Sierra Leone

The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, once stated: "We've got a responsibility to live up to the legacy of those who came before us by doing all that we can to help those who come after us".

In 1816, the Anglican Church Missionary Society opened a small private school for girls in the mountainside village of Charlotte in Sierra Leone with only eight enrolled students. In 1865, the school moved to its present location in Freetown, on Kissy Road. In 1878, it was formally named the Annie Walsh Memorial School (the "AWMS").

The AWMS is the first Secondary School for Girls in West Africa. Its present site is part of our heritage, and MUST be preserved. The school has instilled very high educational values and standards over the years, and is renowned for nationally producing a number of female firsts. Furthermore, Sierra Leone is a member of the United Nations (the "UN"), and in keeping with the UN's General Convention regarding protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritages, the current location, and it's historical buildings must be preserved.

The sentimental values must also be upheld. The prayer of Miss Sass, the first Principal of The AWMS was: "....The AWMS may become a Holy, sanctified training place for women of this Country, and a lasting Blessing to West Africa."

The current site of The AWMS must remain in the educational arena. The proposed plan by the Sierra Leone Government to relocate the school, and replace it with an ultra modern market, needs to be reconsidered for the following reasons: (1) historical monuments on the school grounds MUST be preserved; (2) the proprietors and old girls had envisaged converting the present site into a Vocational/Technical/Adult Educational Center for girls/women after the completion of any relocation plans; (3) implementation of such an Educational Center on the school grounds would win women/girls away from street trading; and, (4) such tertiary level education will further prepare women/girls for a higher standard of life.

We, the undersigned, therefore, call on The President and First Lady (also an alumna), The Freetown City Council, and all parties involved in the decision-making, to kindly reconsider the plan to convert the school into a marketplace. It is imperative that we preserve the legacy of the Founders of The Annie Walsh Memorial School for Girls.

Long Live The Annie Walsh!

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