#Civil Rights
ages 20 - 45

Prostitution is one of the oldest occupations on earth and if managed properly a country can benefit from it economically, many will debate the social impacts on the society, however this is to put measures in place to help standardize those already taking part in the practice. Prostitution should be made legal in Jamaica as it is already widely practiced in our country. It serves as a major source of income and attraction for a large amount of visitors in the other countries, through awareness Jamaica can tap into this market as well. We would directly benefit from the legalization of prostitution as it would increase the amount of foreign exchange earned especially with the increase in the number of escort services in the country. Other benefits would be observed socially such as; procedures will be put in place to standardize the requirements to take part in such practices such as regular tests and screening and easy access to quick HIV/AIDS tests and condoms. In turn this would minimize the amount of sexually transmitted diseases that are in the country as well as prevent diseases new being introduced by the foreign nationals. Physical registered locations could be set up, increasing the safety of both parties involved. Jamaica is currently experiencing issues in regards to the safety of tourists; the money earned from this can be allotted by the government to tackle this issue.

We, the undersigned, call on the Jamaican government to legalize prostitution and develop processes and procedures to aid in the safety of visitors to Jamaica

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