#Human Rights
Piers morgan
United Kingdom

Hello and welcome, let's make this short piers morgan has been starting up a lot of drama with his ways of slut shaming young women, A famous girl group named little mix and their good friend Ariana Grande, I and so many other people want to get rid of him and his career cuse he does not deserve it, he is a huge sexsit and a a man pig. He feels the need to bring women down just to gain some kind of power when in reality he is being a huge baby who has a problem with women feeling good about themselves, if you however support that douche than you must be close minded just like he is, be a better person and let's make this world a better place again cuse with people like him having a voice women will always have to deal with shit like that, have a brain and sigh this petition cuse this was alot of work thank you very much.

Let's have one last problem without Piers morgan. Sighn this petition and be a good person who supports good things and who has had wha of close minded people like him.

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