Ray Staller Adams Township Trustee and County Commissioner Mr Anderson of Cass County Indiana
United States of America

We are trying to get a neighborhood Cemetery cleaned up that is located in Twelve mile Indiana. This cemetery has been abandoned since the late 1800's and is still being neglected by the Adams township Trustees of Cass County Indiana. There are not only family members that rest here but also several War Veterans.

We have been made aware by the town trustees that there are no plans to address a Cemetery Clean up. The Grable Cemetery was deeded out in 1859 to the Grable Cemetery Trustees which no longer survive, therefore by Indiana Cemetery Law
the cemetery is owned by the township and therefore was turned over to the Adams Township Trustee.

We feel our ancestors were early Indiana pioneers and founded this area and should rest with respect.

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We the undersigned call on the Township Trustee Ray Staller and County Commissioner Mr Anderson to get the Grable Cemetery cleaned up. If the cemetery condition is not addressed soon it will deteriorate beyond repair.

By Indiana Law the Township Trustee must remove all the dead and fallen trees, kill the weeds and briers, plant grass, and reset the headstones and put a fence around the Cemetery.

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