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Bill Willingham is best-known throughout the world as the writer and creator of the multiple Eisner-award winning DC/Vertigo comic book Fables. However, he is somewhat less well-known for his tremendous ability as an artist (as his schedule demands that he focus on his writing) and we would very much enjoy to see a Fables story written and drawn by Bill Willingham to spotlight this slightly lesser-known ability.

Therefore, We, the undersigned, hereby petition Bill Willingham, to provide the cover for and pencil issue #101 (inks by regular Fables artist Mark Buckingham) in addition to his regular duties as the author. We think that this would be a very special issue indeed. Bill has graciously agreed to adhere to our wishes should we succeed in getting at least 1,000 signatures in a somewhat reasonable amount of time. Therefore, we would very much appreciate it if you could sign our petition. However, please be advised that Bill will only accept signatures by real people signing under their real names. Anonymous signatures will not be counted.

Thank you very much and here's to the future fun of Fables!

Sincerely yours,

The Members of Clockwork Storybook
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This petition is for those of us who would love to see Bill Willingham illustrate an issue of FABLES, the comic book he writes so well.

Supposedly Willingham said he would draw issue 101, so we want at least 101 signatures, but if we can get 1001 (or more!) then we can show just how much this special event would mean to the loyal FABLES audience.

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