March 13, 2006

April (November.) got unfairly banned from the forum on Imnotokay.net.

She was accused of badmouthing the admins, when her friend just made up a bunch of shit about what she said, making her sound a whole lot worse. That happened in an AIM window. She didn't even get a chance to explain herself.

She also got banned because she was bad mouthing Mikey's girlfriend. Now, everyone has a right to an opinion... and I'm sure as hell Mikey would not give a fuck that some 16 year old girl was bad mouthing her.

She clearly stated that she does not care they are together she just simply "hates who she is because of all the people she has been linked to."

Now... does this seem unfair to you?
She got perm-banned for JUST this?!
And didn't even get a warning when you give others MANY warnings for far worse?!

Thank you.

We want April back on INO!!

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