The Shire of Harvey

The small town of Yarloop, which was all but razed to the ground in the January 2016 bushfires, is slowly but surely recovering with many homeowners rebuilding, and many many locals, both past and present, determined not to let the tragedy bury or kill our town and its spirit.
The Shire of Harvey seems determined to make the recovery and rebuilding process more difficult than it should ever be, and it seems to almost be trying to stifle anything positive locals and non locals are trying to bring to the town.
This is a petition to show support for a charity car show/fundraiser of which the proceeds will go to the Yarloop Volunteer Bushfire Brigade.
This petition will show the Shire stuffy shirts and pen pushers that we will not be held down, we will not suffer quietly and we will not go away.

We, the undersigned, are dismayed at The Shire of Harvey's decision to not allow the use of public land ie The Yarloop town oval, for a charity car show on January 14th, 2018 ib which all proceeds go directly to the Yarloop Volunteer Bushfire Brigade.

We appeal to all Shire counsellors involved in this decision to reconsider and allow this event to happen. It will not only benefit a worthy local volunteer organisation but will boost the spirits of all Yarloop locals both past and present

The Let Yarloop have the car show 14/01/2018 petition to The Shire of Harvey was written by Naomi Johnson and is in the category Miscellaneous at GoPetition.

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