#Students' Rights
Kaiser University- Southeastern Institute President and Chancellor
United States of America

The students at Southeastern Institute in Charlotte NC were recently told that those who graduate in June of 2014 would have to wait until June of 2015 to walk. The reason behind this judgement goes above the reach of our schools local administration. The students are completing four honest and important fields.

Students in Massage Therapy, Medical Billing, Pharmacy technician, and the Medical Assistance program will dive directly into their desired fields. To be able to plan a year in advance, a date which is still not yet know, is highly unrealistic. Plus any honors the student receives will be given to the runner up if they are not present for the 2015 ceremony. The date of the ceremony is June 20th. The students finish classes the 26th.

The school doesn't want to be put in a difficult position, giving students with less than one week of classes their certification early!

We the undersigned, call on the President and Chancellor of Southeastern Institute to review and overturn the decision of making the June 2014 graduating students wait until June 2015 to walk in their commencement ceremony.

Further more request that the aforementioned parties review the dates of future ceremonies as to not affect the future graduates.

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