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My name is Craig Spivey and I am one of the owners and developers of The Goat Ranch that recently opened in Dallas - on the Sante Fe Trail and near the entrance to the State Fair of Texas.

Most of you are familiar with us - THANK YOU!!! - the rest have been waiting for us to complete our concept to come out. For those that do not know, The Goat Ranch is a new game that allows customers to hit balls into an enclosed netted field, with a netted roof, and a very cool bar and patio to hang out. The field is decorated with historic designed art pieces that are worth point values. Once you hit the item, you receive the points for that item. Targets will be lightly lit by spots from the ground. When customers are not playing the game, baseball and kickball teams will be using the field for practice.

We really need some help from you getting our project completed... We have created this online petition to show the City of Dallas you guys really want to come down to The Goat Ranch and play. We have applied for a zoning change, specifically a PD which will modify the zoning and allow us to finish building our concept. Your signature will help show your support for allowing us to complete our project and move our project forward.

We have had tons of fun so far but it's time to play. The City of Dallas has denied us over and over again for our permit to use the field. We have tried everything! We believe that we have every right in the current zoning code to open a sports playing field, but the City of Dallas has not allowed it.

If the current zoning is not changed, we will have to move our business. We do not want to leave. We know this is the right area and want to be part of the Mayor's "Grow South Initiative". We've already done it.

Here are the details:
On 7/30/15 we were awarded an amusement permit by the City of Dallas. We purchased our nets and poles and started building the Goat Ranch. In late September the City pulled our permit and revised it to amusement (inside only). We immediately applied for a new sports playing field permit and were denied.

Current allowable recreation uses in our area (h) per the City of Dallas:

--Country club with private membership.
--Private recreation center, club, or area.
--Public park, playground, or golf course.


Dallas Observer:

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Please support us by signing this petition and sharing this with all your friends.

Craig Spivey
The Goat Ranch

We, the undersigned, call on - Dallas City Council - to award The Goat Ranch a zoning change for a sports playing field and let them start playing the game invented for this destination, location near the State Fair of Texas on the new Santa Fe bike trail.

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