Slim-Fast Retailers

Grocery and miscellaneous stores that sell Slim-Fast products are now making them unavailable to minors. I believe that this is detrimental. Slim-Fast is being controlled and marketed as if it were a drug. Slim-Fast is NOT a drug, and contains NO drug-like ingredients. On the contrary, it actually contains more nutritional value than the Ensure products, which are marketed for healthy living.

The concern appears to be that minors will use this product inappropriately. I DISAGREE. My personal experience was that Slim-Fast probably kept me alive when I was so severely anorexic! Now recovered, I still drink two cans a day! And I feel great, too.

Slim-Fast is NOT A DRUG! But it IS being controlled like one. We must stop this from happening.

We, the undersigned, say to all Slim-Fast retailers, DON'T LET SLIM-FAST BE CONTROLLED LIKE A DRUG!

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