#Civil Rights
ZRP (CID) Shurugwi

Tafara Chemhuru, is a hardworking 28 year old man from a small mining town called Shurungwi in the midlands part of Zimbabwean.

Recognising the crisis that is in the country and the high levels of unemployment, Tafara put his mathematical prowess to good use and started private O’level mathematics tutorials for students in his home town (Shurugwi).

His teaching ability shone and the work that he was doing with his student bore great results in no time his students referred others to him and his group grew even larger.

On Wednesday Tafara contacted Onward Christian radio requesting that we ask our readers to pray for him because as he put it in his words.

“Sadly yesterday I was taken from my work place by CID officers, I was arrested for operating "a college without registration".

Fortunately for Tafara he was released on summons and court day was set for 3 September 2015.

We request that you not only pray that the authorities in Zimbabwe, do not detain Tafara but set him free and allow him to teach maths to young men and young women in his town.

There are no jobs, unemployment is the highest it’s ever been in Zimbabwe. Tafara said: “I am deeply disappointed in the system that we are currently living in. There are no jobs for us! I don't think I am doing anything criminal here. The worst I would have accepted is for the authorities to shut me down not to build a case that may attract a financial charge of $2300 or quite a long jail term I'm only appealing to you all for your prayers..."

We the friends of Tafara demand that CID Shurugwi STOP harassing Tafara and set him free to teach Maths to the young men and women of Shurugwi town.

We are one Global village we can not ignore what happens in Shurugwi.

Human Rights trampled in Shurugwi are a violation to us all.

Let Tafara teach, let him hold his private teaching lessons without fear of police harassment.

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