#Human Rights
John Howard and The Australian Goverment

Hi Everybody my name is Katherine I live in Melbourne Victoria, I have always loved Snoop's music well for as long as i can remember anyway.

He is an icon of music, has his own clothing line, the man's got talent. Everybody i know loves him including myself so i decided to start a petition to hopefully help Snoop get a visa or citizenship for Australia.

I just can't believe that our government are saying NO to snoop, but our immigration minister's can bribe asian women to have SEX with them in return for there citizenship papers, and now they're even letting terrorist in our country. BUT NO we can't let a Rapper in because he swears and calls woman bitchs, BUT THEY CAN LET TERRORISTS IN, what can i say our Government needs to wake up.

Anyway please help me in my quest To help Snoop get here, bitch please sign the petition. He is a good guy (THE GUY'S A LEGEND IN MY EYES ) and i would love to see him come here.

Thank you Katherine

We, the undersigned, ask John Howard and The Australian Government, to Reconsider there foolish decision of not allowing Snoop Dogg into Australia. You let so many Robbers, Murderers in and now you are even letting terrorists into our country: BUT YOU SAY NO TO A RAPPER who so many Australians Respect and love.

We want Snoop Down under. Give him a visa or citizenship!


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