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Sonos, Patrick Spence

Snips, a French startup aimed at a private by default on device voice assistant since 2015. On that promise over 30'000 private developers, coders, hackers joined the former free tool to provide feedback, insights, help, ideas to shape what it is today. In 2019, Sonos, the well known Hifi giant from the USA, bought Snips with the idea to incorporate it into their devices to compete against other giants on the market. After waiting two weeks kept in dark, the giant Snips makers community, the same one that helped to forge what Sonos bought learns that the main component, the one that compiles the assistant, through the use of an online console located at console.snips.ai will be closed and therefore no one will ever be able to build anything using Snips anymore!

This is simply outrageous and not an acceptable decision from Sonos. It shows a total disrespect for a community assembled around the idea of a world free of privacy concerns, that invested hundreds of thousand of hours creating, pushing the limits on what can be done on a local device when it comes to user to machine interaction. It shows a total disrespect of the value of that invested work, a lack of insight on the tool they bought. It shows a narrow minded view of today's community development achievements and we are here to remind them that we exist and although we did not create Snips, we played an important part in it.
I'm asking the whole community to raise together and show them that we are here!

We, the Snips makers community, call on Sonos, the CEO Patrick Spence, to let the makers community access the Snips tools that allow us to create our own local voice assistants. This include, but not only, an access to the console for assistant creation or an API of some sort, download of the required resources and access to the components that define Snips:
- snips-asr
- snips-nlu
- snips-dialogue
- snips-watch
- snips-audio-server
- snips-hotword
- snips-injection
- snips-satellite

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