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My name is Robert Aweet. I am of mixed heritage, my father was Sudanese and my mother was Somalian. I came to England to seek asylum because of the civil war situation in Somalia, where I lived with my mother. My father had died of an illness when I was younger.

I fled Somalia to Kenya, after my mother was shot dead in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. I spent many years on the run, in between the Kenyan refugee camps and Somalia. I had to leave Somalia permanently and supported myself in Kenya through fishing. I came to England from Nairobi to seek asylum due to the harassment of refugees in Kenya. I was regularly arrested and beaten by the Kenyan police.

I sought Asylum in Liverpool in 2009. When I arrived I was taken to detention and then given housing by the government while I waited for my claim to be processed. After 4 court cases my claim was rejected. This is because the government dispute my nationality despite expert witnesses testifying otherwise. I was then kicked out of my accommodation; I became homeless for eight months. During this time I became very ill and I was diagnosed with TB. My deportation order was postponed, but I am now again threatened with deportation.

I am displaced, I have no place to call home and no community to return to. I have built a life in Sheffield, I now have many friends here. This is my home.

I am appealing to the home office to give me leave to remain; I would really appreciate your signature.

Thank you.

We the undersigned call the Home Office to grant Robert Aweet indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

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