John Coen
United States of America

Mr. Coen:

It has come to my attention that Rich Price isn't allowed to ride at "Diamondback Motcross" anymore for the remainder of the year. Why is that so? Mr. Price did not do anything worthy of getting kicked out of your track. He simply stated that he saw whatever he did see. He did not mean to sound smug. So if you will, let him back in.

He will not interfere agin w/ DB. We promise that. The only way he will interfere is that if something is dangerous, he will calmly expalain that he does not think it is safe. All these people want Rich back in, so please reconsider. Lets not cause controversy, lets settle it like adults.

Thank you for your time sir!

WE, the undersigned, request that Rich Price be allowed to ride at Diamondback Motcross.

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