Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the Australian Labor Party

On February 25th 2011 Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced that her Government would be introducing a carbon tax. This carbon tax will increase the cost of living for all households and individuals.

Sure the Government is going to offering rebates to counteract this price increase but with expenses such as electricity, groceries and petrol amongst others already rising this will not be enough to cover this increased costs.

The purpose of this carbon tax is to encourage people to use less energy and therefore less carbon will be produced . Tell this to the manufacturing industry. How is this country's manufacturers supposed to compete with imports which are not subject to a carbon tax?

How can a bakery use less electricity to bake a loaf of bread? The answer to these questions and many just like them, is that they cannot.

By signing this petition you are letting the Prime Minister know that you are not happy with this new tax and how it will affect your standard of living.

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