#Human Rights
Judge in Stevenson, AL
United States of America

A Jackson County man, James Davis, may have lost his battle to keep his wife buried in his front yard in Stevenson. As part of the stay to keep his wife buried James Davis had to put up a $10,000 appeal bond. He did not put up the money; now the city can seek to have her remains removed.

The remains of Patsy Davis could soon be moved from her home off Broad Street in downtown Stevenson.

Davis buried his wife here in 2009 as part of her dying wish despite objections from the city. The city filed suit to have her remains removed.

(Taken from story written by, Stephen McLamb of WAFF)

Though, in a residential area, he should simply be allowed to keep her on their property until he passes himself, then take her up and put them both in a cemetery together.

We, the undersigned, call on the city of Stevenson, AL to allow Mr. Davis to keep his wife on their property, as per her dying wish.

We agree that the movement of her grave would be upsetting to not only Mr. Davis himself, but for many in the community and surrounding areas.

Let Patsy Rest in Peace!

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