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The purpose of this petition is to collect signatures to show unity among parents of students currently attending Liberty High School that live on the east side of Liberty Road. Please consider the passion and goodwill we have for both being a Powell resident and a member of the greater OLSD community before rezoning us away from the strong ties that we have with each.

We have been told that there are other subdivisions that acted quickly on the initially proposed boundaries. That is because they saw they were slated to go to OHS which makes sense. On those same maps the students on the east side of Liberty Road (LHS 6 and LHS7 were going to OLHS, which makes absolute sense. The last set of plans show us going to OHS in both scenarios which make no sense at all. We have no direct access to 315 but we do have direct access to Liberty Road.

For the following reasons, you should leave us at OLHS:
The furthest point for current OLHS students north of Powell Road and is 3.2 miles to OLHS why make them go 6.4 to OHS.

The optimal limit of students is 1800, however, OLHS can take up to 2200 students. OLHS was built to add pods, why is this not an option?

There are no major intersections to get to OLHS and the majority of the traffic are students going to school as opposed to two major intersections and interstate traffic to get to OHS.

The future road construction plans for Home Road at 315 and 23 will only make travel to the school more dangerous for our kids. Students may take the bus to school, but they will have to drive or be driven to sports practices and extracurricular activities.

Commuting to practice for sports and other activities will increase time and money spent on gas.

We have bike paths to OLHS from our neighborhoods.

Students have bonded with the teaching staff, coaches, and counselors. To move them at a point when they are starting to think of college placement, ACTs and SATs will be disruptive.

Both parents and students have spent countless hours volunteering to make OLHS what it is today.

This will affect our home values.

You will be splitting our town and community spirit in half!

It is difficult to offer a solution when the number of students in each grade for the class of 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 has not been disclosed. In an effort to offer a possible solution, we are asking Mr. Raiff to really look at the number of students in each class in the subdivisions north of Powell Road, south of Home Road and East of Liberty Road. At the least consider letting the class of 2021 2020 and 2019 finish high school at OLHS. Once the numbers are broken down, you may see that you could begin with the incoming freshman.

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