#Human Rights
City of New Orleans
United States of America

Last week a homeless veterans was given money and he went and bought a Christmas tree with part of the gift he received. the next day our lovely sanitation department threw it away.

After public outrage this homeless man was visited by men, women, and children and given 20+ trees, which he donated to other homeless men and women.

Now our wonderful City is ordering their removal once again. Let's stand for something and let out city counsel know WE WONT STAND FOR IT!

If you want our homeless to be able to enjoy their Christmas trees please sign this petition. What harm will it do to allow them to keep them up for 10 more days?!

We, the undersigned, call on the City of New Orleans, the New Orleans, city counsel, & Mayor Mitch Landrieu to allow the homeless men and women of New Orleans to keep their Christmas Trees up until December 26th, 2015.

There is NO reason to remove this one little sign of joy from their presence at this time of the year. 10 days! Is that too much to ask? We think Not!

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