Nintendo Co., Ltd.

I think, many Pro and Casual Gamer, so as I am, would like to play their favorite Nintendo games not on their GameBoy Advance, which maybe died or even doesn't exist anymore, but on their mobile phones. I tried a few emulators for iOS as well as for Android and some of them where good, some of them where absolute garbage.
So I started the petition, to let Nintendo know, that there are a few people in the world, who would like to play their favorite Pokemon, Yoshi or Mario Game, from the old days on their phone. I talked with my friend, who is also a big supporter of this idea, that we would throw our money to Nintendo, just to have a good app where we can play our older games. Even if it's 5-20$, we would support this idea, but just bring us back the old memories and make an emulator. Nintendo would get money and we would get our favorite games back!

We, the undersigned, call Nintendo Co., Ltd. to create an GameBoy Emulator for Android and iOS to make gamer happy and sent them back to their childhood! No matter of costs or time!

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The Let Nintendo develop an Emulator for Android/iOS petition to Nintendo Co., Ltd. was written by Maximilian Gremblewski and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.