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Matt Kalinski is a German and European Union citizen and outstanding US scientist frequently working in the United States. On June 8 2007 he was driving to Canada to participate in the International DAMOP Physics Conference in Calgary.

Nine months before his entry permit was not issued for the length he requested suspecting illegal employment in the United States State Institution! Tired, he accidentally shown his second Polish passport with expired Canadian visa to Canadian border protection service, He was arrested by Canada returned to the United States side and forcibly transported to Immigration Court to Florence Arizona by United States border protection. His motor vehicle was ordered abandon in Coutts border crossing.

His visa was canceled and he was removed on Voluntary Departure after two months of arrest in Florence Arizona. He never was able to apply for the Permanent Residence since his first entry to United States due to frequent necessity to abandon the United States for more then 6 months.

Matt Kalinski is currently in European Union. He was arrested when LEAVING the United States !!!

This petition is to US Senate, US Congress and the US President to, cancel Matt Kalinski deportation proceedings, investigate who cut Matt Kalinski from his home office closing him in Immigration Arrest and forcing to leave, not even allowing to cut his gas pipe for safety at home in Utah, when he was working on his permanent EB-1 visa application and allow him to came back to the United States.

Matt Kalinski is German citizen and outstanding US Physicist and not the member of Al Qaeda.

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