#Neighborhood Living
Tamisha P. Lambert
United States of America

In recent Events an RA of West Wall has been fired and removed from the building for what we the residents feel is an unjust reason. Mark Heany an RA of West Hall was fired from his position as an RA from the building for gambling. We feel that even though it maybe wrong to gamble and its good not to promote it, it is unfair because he was playing for fun, which makes it like any other card game.

We feel that firing was rash and could have thought he could have been dealt another punishment. We feel that we were robbed of a friend and a person we feel we can trust to talk to in the dorms if we have problem.

We, the undersigned residents of West Hall, would like to petition against Mark Heany's Banishment from West Hall. Please reconsider and allow Mark to enter West Hall again.

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