#Human Rights
Rt Hon Theresa May - Home Secretary
United Kingdom

In August 2003, Gari Bimha arrived in the UK following his Wife and children. Forcibly conscripted into the Zimbabwean (Rhodesian) National Army in 1979 he served the compulsory term, resigning in 1988. He then trained as a minister before rejoining the Army, hoping to do some good in his position as an Army Chaplain.

He was granted a UK student visa in 2003 (2 yrs) to study at Bristol, this was renewed for an internship and he then gained a 1 year visa as an assistant minister. Further visa applications were denied. In 2009, leave to remain / asylum was denied. Rights of appeal were not granted. Further appeals have all been dismissed.

Gari took annual leave to travel to the UK in order to escape atrocities and corruption in Zimbabwe. It was his moral conclusion that he could not serve his country under President Mugabe. His status in the Zimbabwean Army is 'Deserter', the punishment for which is typically torture and execution. Gary fled his occupation and country rather than resign knowing the likely outcome of trying to gain Army clearance.

HM Government believe the situation in Zimbabwe does not pose a threat to Gary and his family!

The reality is that he faces torture and execution if forced to return.

Gary, his Wife Bridget and children participate wholeheartedly in the life of Plymouth and of their community. They have completed and passed the "life in the UK" assessment.

He and his family, are now at risk of removal back to Zimbabwe.

We believe that this decision is against all sense of humanity and natural justice, and are calling on the Home Office to use their powers of discretion and allow Gari and his family to stay.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Home Secretary to reconsider their case and grant them permission to remain in the UK.

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