#Human Rights
UKBA, British Home Secretary, British Tribunals, UNHCR, OHCHR
United Kingdom

Mohammad-Amin Noorbehesht, a known Iranian political activist, has now arrived to the UK and submitted his claim for asylum under 1951 Geneva Refugee Convention.

Whilst in Iran, Amin had been subject to imprisonment, torture and other ill-treatments of such nature and after he left the country, the authorities captured and imprisoned his brother, too. He has spent a significant amount of time in hospitals in order to improve his physical condition. There are various medical reports available to support this claim. Amin is still suffering from miscellaneous and complex physical difficulties as well as post traumatic stress disorder as a result of those imprisonments and tortures. Amin is in urgent need of assistance and hospital treatment.

Whilst his previous asylum claim in the UK was under consideration, Amin left the country in order to assist his brother to come to the UK. Despite the fact that this was in breach of the UKBA asylum conditions, he saw no other possibilities to save another human being’s life, an attempt which did not eventually yield a successful result. On his way back, he was captured and imprisoned in several countries, including Switzerland and the Netherlands. Within both of which he submitted a fresh claim of asylum, however, under Dublin Regulation Act 2003, Amin was deported to his first point of entry to the European Union, that is, the United Kingdom.

Responsibility needs to be taken for these people. They have already faced inhumanity and ill-treatments by their own governments. We ought to do what we can to help them, instead of punishing them the further.

Hence, we, the undersigned, would like to hereby demand the authorities to grant a refugee status or a humanitarian protection to Amin and provide him with all the required treatments as soon as possible. It is to be highlighted that his return to Iran under existing circumstance would undoubtedly be a tantamount to subjecting him to further tortures and most probably, death-penalty.

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