#Human Rights
Amnesty International , HRW , UN , EU , UNHCR , UDI , UNE

Aaron Ara was denied refuge for the second time in June 2o11. He is one of nearly 75o Palestinian refugees whose asylum applications have been rejected by Norwegian authorities during the last two years. Previously, nearly all Palestinian refugees were granted residence in Norway, but in 2009 this changed dramatically.

For the first time in history, Norwegian authorities changed the terms of immigration targeting a specific group of refugees whose homeland situation had not changed. In addition, the current policy clearly opposes the recommendations of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Norwegian authorities presently consider Palestinian territories to be safe enough for refugees to return. Simultaneously a number of factors indicate the opposite. First, Palestinian refugees have their own memories and experiences that can easily be backed up by witness descriptions, mainstream news media and general knowledge about the area.

Second, Norwegian authorities discourage Norwegians to travel to these areas (http://www.norway.org.ps/Norsk/Reiserad/). Third, international human rights organizations criticize Palestinian authorities for disregarding human rights.

Responsibility needs to be taken for these people. They have already faced inhumanity and ill-treatments by their own governments. We ought to do what we can to help them, instead of punishing them the further.

Hence, we, the undersigned, would like to hereby demand the authorities to grant a refugee status or a humanitarian protection to Aaron and let him stay in Norway!

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