Lesotho teachers

We teachers have many associations that are lately politicised, we always pay subscriptions but our problems worsen daily! Our government does not take any of our complaints into consideration.

1. one teacher has to teach 45 leaners, so will there be any quality education?
2. delay of salaries especially for part time teachers
3. The so-called performance contracts
4. Teachers being denied promotions even though they have furthered their studies.
5. Teaching Multi-classes
6. Being given Peanuts as salaries.

The worst part, subscriptions are paid monthly, what for? For us to be ill-treated by our own government! No!

So I challenge all members, stop paying subscriptions! We will only be heard if we are one!

Teachers' voices must be heard!

We say No to 100 teachers' associations!

Stop paying subscriptions unless there is proper representation and real reforms.

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