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The Leopard Shark is the perfect representation of the CSULB community for a variety of reasons.
The Leopard Shark combines the feline grace of the Leopard with the ferocity of the Shark bloodline, which represents the tenacity and poise of CSULB's students. CSULB is a hub for all the Sciences. For instance, The Shark Lab is CSULB's biggest contribution to marine conservation and ecology. The Leopard Shark represents CSULB's drive to support the Sciences, and how CSULB students can make an impact on the Natural World. So why not nominate a species of shark to be the mascot of a university with a world renowned shark lab?
The Leopard Shark is naturally Gold and Black; the perfect color palette for CSULB’s new mascot. The Leopard Shark is one of the most uniquely colored sharks, making itself stand out through the species’ unique and expressive color pattern. The Leopard Shark’s coloring represents the Arts. Like the Leopard Shark, CSULB’s artists and creative souls express themselves in ways that no one else does.
The Leopard Shark’s spots are unique to each individual. You will never see two Leopard Sharks with the same spot pattern! This represents the uniqueness and diversity of CSULB's students and faculty.
The Leopard Shark is one of California’s most common sharks, living only in the shallow waters of the Pacific Coast. Not only is the Leopard Shark a beautiful and unique animal, but it’s a Long Beach native! Essentially, the best ambassadors to the California beaches are CSULB students and Leopard Sharks! Leroy the Leopard Shark is the best candidate for the new CSULB Mascot. He is fierce, dignified, unique, expressive, represents science and learning, and is a California native… just like the students and Faculty at CSULB!

We as a Community, advocate for the implementation of the Leopard Shark to represent CSULB as its new mascot.

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