Water Utility Customers
United States of America

I support Citizens for Water Consumer Rights Legislative Agenda.

Legislative Agenda

All customers are charged the same base rate for availability and the same per gallon usage charge. Charges should reflect the actual cost of water delivery and a fair/ reasonable profit

Bill by meter size only if:
Water mains were installed to support larger user meters in the past year.
Improvements will be completed in the next 5 years
Surcharge ends after 5 years
Needed for fire sprinklers or industrial load. Only the end user that needs these services are billed by size.

Bill by flow rate rather than meter size if loading the system is an issue.
Improved customer education and advocacy that better serves the people.

The State conducts the audit of financial status when the utility goes to ICC for rate increases.

Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC):
Add 6 elected commissioners to the 5 existing appointed ICC commissioners
Right to have meter tested by 3rd party, learn the results, and it have it fixed.

Reserve the right for communities, public or private, to force purchase or buy back systems.

Municipalities may lease systems rather than sell.

Stop the distribution of funds from one community water system to another.

We support:
Repeal of automatic rate increase in HB 4508 Illinois (100th GA)
House Bill 2392: Require voters OK sale of public water assets
Senate Bill 1724

We, the undersigned, call on the Illinois General Assembly to protect water consumer rights by passing laws in support of Citizens for Water Consumer Rights' Legislative Agenda.

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