#Civil Rights
United States of America

Laws against responsible adults using marijuana to relax and unwind after a hard day of work are archaic and simply uninformed by the law enforcement officials and law makers. Changing this law would reduce the prison population by fifty percent making room for hardened criminals and stop ruining innocent peoples lives.

Changing the law would reduce the time and money spent to arrest and prosecute otherwise innocent citizens. This plant could be used for resolving many of our environmental problems plaguing the planet. It can be used to produce clean burning fuels and oils that can be used as healthy cooking oil reducing our dependence on highly toxic petroleum based oils. It can also provide needed medical treatments from relief of pain to nausea and amino acids that are not found anywhere else in nature.

It can provide fiber for strong textiles to long lasting clothing. It can produce better paper and manufactured lumber saving the trees across the planet. And the list go's on and on.

We the undersigned, call on law makers to legalize, tax and regulate the use of marihauna by responsible adults. Also legalize the use of hemp for all purposes found to be useful in improving life.

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