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South Carolina Government and citizens
United States of America

The hemp plant cannabis sativa is the most useful of the hemp plants, but it's legalization has constantly been in question due to ignorance and the continuous belief of propoganda spread by anti-marijuana groups durring reefer madness, started by Harry Anslinger.

Today we have proven most of this to be lies. Marijuana does not cause brain damage, it doesn't directly kill anyone, it does not cause psychosis, it only causes symptoms simmilar to amotivational syndrome in minors, it is not a gateway drug.

Marijuana had no effect on testosterone levels or sperm count, it is not physically addictive, it only causes memory imparement while you are high, it is NOT worse for you than smoking cigarettes. Fetal cannabis syndrome, if it actually exists, is so rare that it cannot be demonstrated.

The government has spent enough money fighting the drug war. States like South Carolina are often the last to make radical, beneficial changes.

While getting the whole United States to legalize marijuana is a big step, if we can get one state, one very conservative state, to make this change, it may pave the way for the rest of the country.

Please sign to legalize marijuana in South Carolina.

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