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United States of America

for many year cannabis has been prohibited even with the scientific facts behind it. in all the years past cannabis has never been known to cause overdoses or any other harmful effect. every year more and more people die from smoking cigarettes, but instead of putting a ban on the tobacco like they did with the harmless product of cannabis they just increased the tax to make more money off the death of humanity.

in all the years of cannabis being around and used there have been more deaths from alcohol. once a long time ago alcohol was prohibited but yet a law was passed to allow it EVEN knowing that it causes hardening of the liver, kidney failure, dwi, innocent kids and families dying from drunk drivers. cannabis has many uses some of which we use on the daily even tho our country prohibits the other uses from it. cannabis can be used to treat mental illness like depression, bi polar, eating disorders like anorexia.

cannabis can be a high profit for our country in this time of need but yet they would rather see everyone smoke and drink their selves into a grave. with the legalization of cannabis there will be less crime, more jobs, more income, more love.

we, the undersigned, call on the US congress to reform the laws regarding cannabis. over the years we have come to realize that as a nation we could benefit more to have the ban lifted on the production of cannabis, weather it is used for the hemp, the oil, or the bud. we have realized that our economy is in a huge slump and nothing congress does will make it better, but the reform of this law will generate hundreds of thousands of job all over the country not just for a few single areas.

with this reform will come less crime, less wasteful spending of paying for and housing people who have been charged with distribution, cultivation, possession of cannabis. each year states waste thousands of dollars taking people to court or jail for these charges, not to mention all the money spent to monitor these people as they receive probation or parole. please congress hear our cries for more jobs to be created, for less crime....

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