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Consumer fireworks are fun and exciting to use. We the people of Massachusetts see no reason to ban all consumer firework use. There are more accidents caused by drunk drivers then of firework users and still alcohol is sold to consumers even on Sundays now. Cigarettes cause cancer and many other illnesses. They can also cause fires and still they allow them to be sold. Many other states that allow fireworks, do not have as many injuries. Why? Because the people of those states aren't doing them illegally and they are not in a hurry to light them before local law enforcement arrive, causing less injury and less fires. Also, those states that allow fireworks use, have certain age requirements like that of tobacco, firearms, and alcohol.

We should have the right to use fireworks for Fourth of July, parties, for fun, weddings and many other occasions. There should be a certain age requirement like 21 would be the proper age to purchase and use fireworks. There also should be permits that can be obtained for use of consumer fireworks and special locations where they can be ignited. Or if the person has enough land they should be able to ignite them on that property if they own it, if it is inspected by local Fire Dept, and obtain a permit from the Local Fire Dept.

Fire arms are legal in this state and many murders and injuries occur and still guns are sold to the public with appropriate licenses.If fireworks were legal in this state there could be a certain tax on them making more money for the state and money that could be used for grants or other appropriate uses. We, as taxpayers of Massachusetts, should have the right to sell, purchase and use fireworks in the state of Massachusetts.

Little by little new laws are coming out trying to control the way we want to live our lives. We the people of this state have the right to choose our government and all elected officials that govern our state and we will put those in power who are for us, and remove those in power who are against us. This petition will be emailed to every Senator and Representative in Massachusetts.

If you are 18 yrs or older live in Massachusetts , and agree that appropriate fireworks should be made legal to buy, sell, and use please sign my petition and write to your local Senators and Representatives for legalization of Fireworks Thank you.

This petition was made to voice the opinions of people like me who have a passion for fireworks and cannot by law without a pyrotechnic license. We the people of this state should not need a license to light consumer fireworks . You should need a license to light professional fireworks theres no debating that.This petition was made to legalize fireworks were not asking to legalize all but at least some.

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