#Law Reform
US Consumer Products Safety Commission
United States of America

Kinder Surprise: Adorable, inexpensive, delicious chocolate eggs with a plastic egg and collectible toy inside.

Available almost anywhere in the world except for the United States.

They are banned for sale or import and even a small amount for "personal use" triggers a large fine and confiscation at the border.

Why are they banned? Because the US bans any food that fully encapsulated a non-food item, as a choking hazard.

Tell the government that Americans aren't stupid, we can manage to discover the egg-sized prize egg without choking on it. We don't need a nanny state to police our novelty chocolate consumption.

Everyone else in the world, including children over the age of three, enjoy these treats, why can't we?


We, the undersigned, call for the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission to lift the ban on the import and sale of Ferrero Kinder Surprise.

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