Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors
United States of America

Sample of Chicken Laws:

Charlottesville, VA: As many as you want.
Corvallis, OR. Unlimited chickens allowed. No roosters. Chickens must be penned.
Mountain View, CA: Up to 4 hens without a permit. Keep 25 ft. from residences. Within 25 ft. is o.k. with written consent from residences. No roosters.
Austin, TX. Up to 10 fowl per household, but keep in enclosure that's 50 ft. away from neighbors.
Downey, CA. Up to five chickens allowed per lot.
Colorado Springs, CO. A property may have a maximum of 10 fowl (chickens, ducks, etc.) requiring at least four square feet of coop area and adequate outdoor space. No roosters permitted within the city limits.

...and many, many more!

Chesterfield citizens want to allow urban livestock responsibly and reasonably to empower their community to be more sustainable.

Like more urban cities and counties such as Seattle, Portland, Brooklyn, L.A., Atlanta and more, we would like to responsibly have laying hens allowed in the average back yard. We do not need to reinvent the wheel; we can take existing zoning laws and incorporate them to benefit our community and provide food and education for our families.

As a Chesterfield citizen, I want and support sustainably allowing and legalizing CHICKUNZ!

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