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Having illegal drugs in our country is inevitable, whether there's a ban on them or not. The US makes $100 billion a year from illegal drugs, and then they spend $3 billion on drug prevention. The Netherlands has very loose laws on soft drugs such as marijuana. You can buy certain soft drugs in coffee shops in the Netherlands, and that means that they have loose soft drug laws. So you would think that Netherlands would have a high drug use percent, but in actuality it does not. The netherlands has one of the best drug use percentages in the world, at only 2.2% of people do hard drugs. And only 3.3% of the population has done Cannabis recently. While the US has a much higher 9.4% of people have done some hard drug in the past year. And 7.5% of people have done Cannabis in the past year. We could legalize drugs and then take the money we gain from selling drugs and the money saved from drug prevention, and then endorse groups that help people with a drug addiction become non-addicted. This will ultimately be more effective than trying to prevent drugs in this country.

We, the US people, call on the US government to legalize all drugs that are currently illegal. And to create programs to then help people become not addicted to drugs.

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