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Singapore Government

Airsoft is a widely recognized hobby and sport internationally.

Airsoft guns are currently banned in Singapore, due to an incident of a child shooting another in the eye. Such incidents are due to the lack of proper safety practices to ensure that the players are unharmed.

In foreign countries, like the United States of America, safety is practiced properly before any Airsoft shooting practice or skirmishes. Proper eye protection, such as goggles or masks are worn in order to prevent accidents.

There is also another heard of reason why Airsoft is banned in Singapore. It is due to the resemblance of an Airsoft gun to an actual firearm. Some countries only allow Airsoft guns with a bright orange tip to be allowed into the country, so as to differentiate it from an actual firearm.

If a country that allows both actual firearms and airsoft guns is holding up well, why can't a country which bans actual firearms and only allows airsoft guns with a bright orange tip to deter a robber from using an airsoft gun to rob. They would rather use alternatives which are not banned in Singapore. Painting over the orange tip of an airsoft gun would cause it to look shiny, bulgy and unrealistic, unless used with an extremely thin paint, which are very expensive. Most robbers would not risk doing that in order to rob, hence deterring the robber from committing that act. Even if they do paint one, they would carry the risk of actually being shot by with a real gun, which would in turn deter them from choosing to rob with an airsoft gun. In conclusion, having airsoft guns allowed into Singapore would not increase the amount of robberies committed here.

It has already been proven as a fact that Airsoft guns cannot be modified into an actual firearm that would kill. They are also typically harmless if used with proper protection. As quoted from Wikipedia, 'Airsoft pellets typically leave small wheals (welts) on human targets. While mildly painful, pellets are not especially damaging to the skin. Eye protection is universally required to prevent damage to eyes. It is also often recommended that full face masks be used during airsoft matches to protect the players' teeth and ears.'

There are also environmentally friendly biodegradable BB pellets which are sold at a cheap cost to prevent plastic BBs from destroying the environment.

Having airsoft facilities and also regular skirmishes in Singapore would teach the younger generation about urban and jungle warfare, depending on where they have their skirmishes. By doing so, they would have extra training outside and before their NS. Airsoft skirmishes would teach players about camouflage, stealth, cooperation and many other things that would strengthen our army.

I understand that there is a problem about the increase of Singaporeans who are migrating to other countries. Some of these are due to the many restrains of being a Singaporean. Having some less serious restrains taken away would allow them to feel that the government cares about the citizens and also allow them to reconsider migrating abroad.

Please do reconsider the banning of Airsoft guns in Singapore in order for the existence of an internationally popular sport and hobby in our country.

We, the undersigned, call on the Singapore Government to reform the law on the banning of Airsoft guns in the country.

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