The White House

Health wise I have been diagnosed with bi-polar. And when I used to get depressed I'd smoke hemp and I would No longer feel depressed. So it does help with depression. It does not impare judgement as much as anti-drug commercials say it does. We as citizens of this country have the natural born right to smoke it. And if they say it's dangerous then I say to them to close down the cigarette and alcohol companies and make them illegal too. Because more people abuse them than they do "weed."

There would be a lot less people in prisons if it was made legal. Once something is made legal then the thrill of doing it is gone. The thrill comes from the fact that they are taking a chance of getting caught.

Besides the government could make a very profitable business out of it.

Sign if you support people being able to choose for themselves whether or not they want to smoke Hemp.

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