#Civil Rights
All the citizens of Canada

The cannabis plant has long been a controversial topic in society. Every reliable study has concluded that Marijuana is not as dangerous as it seems and should be immediately legalized. Marijuana is not as dangerous as tobacco or alcohol yet while both tobacco and alcohol are fully legal, Cannabis is not legal. Not only is Cannabis significantly less dangerous, its can also save the current economy.

Sales of Marijuana illegally bring in over 7 billion dollars, this could fund our health care or our children's education. Legalizing marijuana can also save the environment. Industrialized hemp can provide more paper in one acre of land than an acre of trees can. Furthermore the paper produced from hemp can be recycled eight times while the paper from trees can only be recycled three times. Another reason to legalize marijuana is that it can significantly lower crime rates and gang operations. Instead of having people illegally buy marijuana off gang affiliated drug dealers, one can go to a government regulated store to buy safe, regulated marijuana for a reasonable price. This would effectively end illegal operations in gangs.

Lastly, Marijuana should be legalized because it is a truly victimless crime- if it hurts noone other than yourself it should not be in the governments business to restrict your rights as a citizen. One has the right to pursue happiness and if one so chooses to partake in smoking marijuana it is their personal choice.

Signing the petition will bring us one step closer to legalization resulting restoration of Canadian prosperity. By signing the petition you are supporting the legalization of Cannabis.

We, the undersigned call on the Canadian Government to fully legalize Marijuana.

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