Tony Abbott

Recent polls show that around 75% of Australians are in favour of legalising voluntary euthanasia. A poll in 2010 by the Australian Institute found 75% of people agreed that if someone with a terminal illness is experiencing unrelievable suffering and asks to die, a doctor should be allow to assist them to die.

Various different forms of euthanasia are already legal in some European countries, such as Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. France and the United Kingdom are currently considering bills to legalise euthanasia.

Assisted suicide as it is called in the United States is also legal in Oregon, Washington and Vermont. In New Mexico and Montana, doctors are permitted to prescribe medication to end patients lives. In India and Ireland, it is legal to withdraw life support if the patient or next of kin requests.

In Australia it is a crime to assist in euthanasia.

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian Government to allow a referendum for the citizens of Australia to declare their support of a Voluntary Euthanasia Bill.

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