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States Of Guernsey

Currently in Guernsey, Cannabis for recreational (personal enjoyment) use, is illegal.

“ The cultivation of cannabis is strictly prohibited and regulated within the Bailiwick by the Misuse of Drugs (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Ordinance, 1997, and the Misuse of Drugs (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 1974 (‘the Law’). If found guilty of an offence in contravention of the Islands’ misuse of drugs laws, the Bailiwick Courts have consistently handed down significant custodial and financial fines.”

Cannabis is far safer than alcohol, tobacco, and many medications. In a nation dedicated to “life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness,” the government should not be tearing families apart over a plant that is safer than alcohol.

Researchers have consistently concluded that cannabis is less toxic than alcohol, it has less potential for addiction, and it is less likely to contribute to serious medical problems.

It makes no sense for the law to steer consumers to the more dangerous substance.

It’s currently legalised for medicinal use. To have it sent to your home, or to collect over the counter in a pharmacy. But we need a change!

The law hasn’t been updated for years, we are now in 2022 and need change! We need it legalised for personal use. This harmless plant, this harmless herb. We need to be able to enjoy it without having to worry about a 5+ prison sentence for smoking a plant!

The only crime you’ll see from smoking this harmless plant is 2 people arguing over the last packet of crisps.

We need change.

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