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Congressional Candidate Claire Wirth & AFAofKY
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It’s pretty simple but heartbreaking. It is a fact that the USA left American citizens and Afghan allies in Afghanistan when our military withdrew – at least 14,000 according to recent reporting. They are being hunted and systematically killed even now. But Americans are joining together to make things right in spite of our current shameless government. “No one left behind” used to be our military’s motto and the code we lived by as Americans. We absolutely believe no one should be “ LEFT TO DIE ”.

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Our Call To Action

>> 1) We, the undersigned, demand these signatures be presented for appropriate action to all Congressmen/Congresswomen, the Secretary of State, and the acting White House Press Secretary. --- We must keep the pressure on our government.

>> 2) Please consider making a financial donation to the private groups rescuing American citizens and those Afghans who earned our offer of freedom. To receive our current list of vetted groups with updates, please email :

>> 3) Tell your friends, family, and others about this petition. We depend on you!

It isn’t promises of action, but real action we see.

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