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The current owners of the property commonly known as the Roycebrook East Golf Course in Hillsborough NJ are trying to change the current zoning and land use of the property to close the sale of the property to the Erickson Retirement Communities (a $1B company).

The proposed development consists of 3 "communities" that each include a community building and 4-6 residential buildings. The proposed residential buildings will be 4-5 stories tall. Where possible, they claim the buildings will be 4 stories high in front and 5 stories high in the rear.

Incorporated into the project is a 264 unit apartment building with 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments of affordable housing.

Please keep in mind that the details of this project have changed several times and to date there has been no detail site plan provided.

To make this project happen, the property will need to be added to the Local, County and State Wastewater Management Plan. It will require a DRASTIC ZONING and Land Use Change.

This property has several MAJOR environmental issues and characteristics that are the primary concerns of the community.

The Roycebrook Watershed runs directly under this property that feeds drinking wells nearby and is an environmentally sensitive resource. You can read extensive studies of this natural resource at www.thewatershed.org

The property has several wetland areas within it's borders. Neighboring areas have a history of flooding issues dealing with storm water runoff and a very high water table around this property. Streams that take the water off this property are direct tributaries to the Millstone River.

What will be the true impact of this project on the Roycebrook Watershed, our roads, our traffic, our sewage capacity, our flooding problems, our high water table, our schools, our taxes, our home values and ultimately - our quality of life?

Our organization strongly believes that this project is not a good fit for this environmentally sensitive site!

We the undersigned, call on the Hillsborough NJ Planning Board, the Hillsborough NJ Township Committee, Somerset County NJ and the state of NJ Government to leave the current Royce Brook East Golf Course zoning as is.

The proposed Erickson Retirement Community project is not appropriate for this environmentally sensitive property.

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