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The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino
United States of America

Michael Jackson was investigated for 10 years extensively (wiretaps etc) by the FBI, 2 jurisdictions, and hundreds of investigators (Who investigated his home and body). He was brought to trial and acquitted by a jury of his peers for any allegations that had ever been made against him, including 1993 and 2005.

This documentary "Leaving Neverland", is a one sided, story created by men who are in the process of trying to get billions of dollars from the Michael Jackson Estate. Wade Robson vehemently denied, under oath, and interrogation, that Michael Jackson did anything inappropriate to him.
Once the MJ Estate denied Wade Robson a directing job for the "Michael Jackson One" show, at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, he claimed abuse.

James Safechuck's testimony during the trial was so dishonest, the judge threw his testimony out. His story and timeline of events also keeps changing.
To cancel this very popular show, honoring a man who stood for kindness, love and compassion for others, due to accusations made by men, who are proving to not be credible, would be an injustice to a an American Citizen who was tried and exonerated by the United States justice system.

Michael Jackson did what he had to do to prove his innocence. They are now legally allowed to defame his cleared name, simply because he is not here to defend himself.

We request that you look at Michael Jackson's side of the story, with the mountain of evidence provided online and testimonies from people closest to him, including the 200 witnesses from the 2005 trial, before you make the mistake of labeling someone guilty, simply due to something someone said.
Just because the words are said, does not make them true.

We, the undersigned, call on the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino to allow the "Cirque Du Soile Michael Jackson One Show", to continue. Do not cancel the show, remove the memorabilia, or the statue of Michael Jackson from the lobby.

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